Measures: 5.75" x 11.75" closed. Cover: Durable, flow-molded vinyl with a spectacular relief rendition of the Aztec Sunstone. The liner and journal cover has imagery from the Dresden codex, one of only four pre-conquest Mayan "books" to survive into modern times.

Journal: 60 page, removable journal for documenting your final days to the End or, if you're the optimistic type, the beginning of the New World Age. The cover unfolds and reveals graphics and information about the Meso-American calendar system.

Calendar Gears

Calendar: Counts down from January 2011 to December 21st 2012. Gregorian dates are used in conjunction with Mayan date glyphs.

Each page is a tear-off and covers 13 days, the Mayan equivalent of a week.

Space is provided next to the dates for notations and scheduling.

Calendar page sample
Cost: $45.00 plus shipping.