Measures: 5.75" x 11.75" closed.
Cover: Durable, flow-molded vinyl.
Calendar: Counts down from January 2011 to December 21st 2012. Gregorian dates are used in conjunction with Mayan date glyphs.
Journal: 60 page, removable journal for documenting your final days to the End or, if you're the optimistic type, the beginning of the New World Age. More >


(o-ho-lee-ab) Publishing

oholiab publishing (o-ho-lee-ab) publishing is a company inspired by the historical figures, Bezaleel and Oholiab from the book of Exodus, who were endowed by God to be master craftsmen and teachers.

Ohpub strives to produce quality work that encourages others in the use of the creative gifts God has blessed them with through His Spirit.